KN95 face mask, the filtering effect is up to 95 percent.
Made from non-woven fabric, moisture resistant, non-toxic, non-irritating. Anti PM2.5, haze, dust and bacteria, etc.
Using advanced environmental materials, the four-layer fabric effectively resists fine particles and bacteria in air pollution.
4-layer design, high density non-woven fabric, filtration - highly breathable non-woven fabric that can prevent dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc.
Respiratory protection according to KN95, filter efficiency up to 95%, breathable mesh composite fabric, suitable for all seasons.

Item type: KN95 face mask
Material: non-woven fabric, meltblown filter
Air mass flow: 85L/min
Aerosol-particle: NaC1
Aerosol-concentration: 15mg/m³
Temperature: 23.0

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