The fingertip oximeter is used to detect b-lood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates, simple, quick and accurate.  It is small and portable, suitable for home use to care for body h-ealth of you family and yours.

Full screen lets you see the data more clearly. 
Four direction display can allow user to view conveniently the tested result in any direction.
It will warn user if the measureed values go beyond the setting.
Light and compact, accommodates wide r-ange of finger sizes.
Simple one-button operation, quickly show the result in 8 seconds.

Material: ABS
Display Type: OLED
   Measurement range: 70%-99% 
   Accuracy: ±2% on the satge of 80%-99%
                  ±3% on the satge of 70%-79%
                  Below 70% no requirement
   Resolution: ±1% 
   Mesurement Range: 30BPM-240BPM
   Accuracy: ±1BPM or ±1% (the larger one)
P-ower Consumption: Below 30mA
Auto P-ower Off: The product p-ower off by itself when no finger is in the product for ≥8 seconds
Operation Environment:
   Temperature: 5

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