Package: 9*9*9cm
Weight: A/150g B/145g C/232g
Buring time: 20-30 hours
Colors/Flavor: Lavender/Bluebell
Material: Soy Wax
Note: Wooden plate NOT including

We use 100% natural soy wax for its clean,essential oils to infuse to fill your space with aromatic scents slow and even burn,no harmful toxins like other candles!


On cold, dark winter days or long, balmy summer evenings, candles illuminate our minds.
This candle is very special because it consists of soy wax and high-quality essential oils and dried herbs.
Candles with a pleasant aroma. The smell is subtly and unobtrusively distributed in the room and provides a particularly pleasant and holiday atmosphere. Since soy wax has a lower melting point than conventional wax,
the candle burns more slowly and the fragrance is distributed more evenly.

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